13 days and counting

In the past 3 days, we’ve seen an unprecedented display of Anarchy from our beacon of hope (America) that has been nothing short of surprising. We all grew up thinking America can do no wrong: they’re a classic example of a country that gets it right every time. I mean, they were the shining example we all guided ourselves by – but whoever thought they would descend into chaos? The story of America can be summarized as a man losing an election, a man refusing to accept defeat, and a man that is willing to drag America’s democracy through the mud to have his will done.

After his defeat at the hands of Joe Biden at the presidential election, my first incline that ‘he-who-will-not-be-named’ wasn’t going to take it nicely was when he started claiming the election wasn’t free or fair and began ordering recounts,  even made some states stop counting votes all because he wasn’t winning. At this time, it was obvious this man wasn’t planning on going away quietly. Through an inciting speech in which he charged ‘well-meaning Americans’ to take the capitol, we witnessed windows broken, offices occupied, disruption of sittings, and ultimately the death of a protester/domestic terrorist/rioter.

This greatly reminds me of all those Nigerian senate clips that surface every now and again, of chairs being thrown in the house, the mace being carried away etc. Alas, America is no different. America is just Nigeria that studied abroad. The general consensus is that before the official handover from him to Joe on the 20th of January which is in 13 days’ time, something has to be done because the safety of America is in jeopardy under his rule. Some are calling to invoke the 25th amendment so he can be impeached, others are calling for his resignation – I would rather like him to go through the embarrassment of being impeached.

I also think he should be arrested and paraded immediately after on grounds of ‘just because’ simply because he has put the world through so much stress. The world because: for several failed states where it is impossible to have a free and fair election or election without violence, you can trust that they will see this as a criterion for inciting violence after their election. If America can have a botched election, why can’t we? The truth is the world loves to copy America, and this is just another thing that would go through the photocopier. He has shown that America is not as saintly as we think it is, because as terrible as DT’s policies are he still has people that support them and believe in him. The next 13 days until handover is crucial. All we can do is speculate as to what may happen. As for the political parties, if democracy couldn’t bring them together, tragedy certainly has. Sources like CNN are claiming that everyone wants him out i.e democratic stakeholders and republicans alike. January 20 is just around the corner, or is it? Until then, we wait. Peace and love.

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