Women; the new alphas

In the not too distant past, I began to notice a paradigm shift or emerging trend where women have taken control of almost all spheres of hustling and leadership. This trend ushered in the era of the new woman; an improved version 2.0 of her former self. I like to concern myself with the beginning of a process, so I’m wondering when this ‘shift in lifestyle’ decision was made. Women nowadays or women 2.0 (for the sake of this conversation) are so changed you would be sorely mistaken to overlook them or refer to them as lazy, mediocre, or irrelevant. So my question is ‘When exactly did the woman become the leader of the pack’?

 I really can’t remember the last time I saw a girl that didn’t have a dream, a girl that wasn’t up to something, or a girl that didn’t feel she could exist and excel independent of a man. Yes, you still have what some may refer to as your basic bottom brained girls with no ambition, but even they are gradually being phased out and replaced by version 2.0’s. I was at a gathering last weekend where someone was talking about how he had noticed the exact same thing too, and I immediately thought to myself ‘so I’m not mad after all’. Gone are the days when a woman’s contribution to society was swept under the rug because she was simply a woman, nowadays women have created a lane for themselves and own that lane. Versions 2.0 are bosses, serial doers, brains, creators, and leaders juggling multiple things while still slaying effortlessly.

Even she knows it

Women are manning businesses in terrains that were previously unexplored and seemingly mundane. Even in relationships, they no longer wear their hearts on their sleeves. And if these Tik Tok relationship questions are anything to go by- they show that most men said I love you first and most men are more emotionally invested in the relationship than the women. Not like who said ‘I love you first’ is a competition, but that place was traditionally meant for the woman. I must confess, sometimes it feels kind of creepy: like they are the new us, but it is what it is. Lately, I’ve been meeting a string of hustler girls that own fashion brands, digital agencies, cleaning services, makeup empires, music businesses, and the list is endless.  

As a man, I definitely don’t feel threatened or think ‘o damn, let’s put a stop to it’. To me, it’s more like a breath of fresh air. You may start to think I’m bashing men, or I’m whipped or whatever, but I kid you not; in almost every area of society, look and you’ll find a woman excelling. This is why the gender equality conversation is almost at its end. Women demanded a seat at the table, weren’t given one, and decided to take it regardless. I respect and salute you all. For us men, it’s easy to feel some type of way and think power is being taken away from us, I don’t think so. I think we now have proper power-sharing, a concept that is foreign to most of our misogynistic minds. Peace and love