After Rona

Almost like a sweet song or a sweet dance accompanying a sweet song ‘Rona’ seems to be all we can talk about these days. You head over to social media to let off steam, Rona. You go on WhatsApp to chat with friends, Rona. Nowadays, it seems like the news we were all running away from has become our only respite. At least you still find some TV stations showing something other than Corona. The second phase of the lockdown has reached how many days now? 7 to be precise. I just completed its first week out of two weeks, and safe to say I’ve never been so bored in my life.

We still have one full week to go, and the thought is depressing. Initially, I figured it would be a breeze. Movies, music, and online courses were supposed to be my coping mechanism. But the problem with that is, streaming movies means data, music has a very strange way of getting boring and Online courses, well let’s just say sometimes you simply want to veg out and be useless in peace. I’m very sure I’m not the only one that feels this way about online courses in these Rona times. Speaking of lockdowns and Rona, bright idea as it may have seemed at the beginning- but are we sure we can remain under lockdown much longer? I don’t mean the world, I mean Nigeria as a country. Can we really endure another extension after this remaining one week is over?

At this stage, we need to start thinking of how to live with the virus. As long as no vaccine is found or created, human nature’s first instinct will be to continue lockdown, but can we really take it? Asides the fact that it’s not economically sustainable for countries like Nigeria, it’s quite boring too. Life needs to resume, we should start thinking of ways to sidestep corona and not hide from it. A video I watched today showed a protest in Michigan, America where protesters parked their cars all over the streets and highways, stopping medical personnel from going to work. Their rationale was that life needed to return to normalcy, and if the health care workers couldn’t make it to work ‘who will die will die’. Ignorant? Maybe. Drastic, hell yea. But kind of true.

If we don’t find a vaccine for Corona, what then? We stay locked down for another year? I hate to break it to you, but Nigeria is not America where they have stimulus packages. Even America, i wonder how long they can keep that up but whatever. In Nigeria, in the past two weeks we’ve seen all the unrest we can possibly see. We’ve seen health workers disregarding all safety protocols, we’ve seen hunger and corporate espionage ( If the office of an accountant general of the federation can be on fire days after billion Naira contributions, then we can conclude that Metal gear solid and solid snake are real). From the burial ceremony of the chief of staff, its obvious that we here in Nigeria only practice selective social distancing and selective punishment too. So we might as well just damn the whole process and go about our merry lives. Either ways, keep your family close and your loved ones even closer (yes, the two are not the same). Peace and love

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