The descent

    Through the years, it has always been said that Nigeria would experience a great revolution. A revolution where the poor would pick up arms against the elite and the ruling class, a power tussle between the haves and have-nots, a violent rat race. I myself strongly believe in this theory because; the gap between the privileged and less privileged is so wide and deep, you will need a speed boat to wade through those waters. The state lockdown that stemmed from coronavirus ushered in a new wave of agitations that the government obviously did not take into account.

For example, Nigeria is a country filled with a greater population of people that get their daily bread daily, so how do you tell them to stay at home for more than 3 weeks now? Microsoft founder Bill Gates said it best some weeks ago on a CNN interview that the countries who would feel the brunt of these global lockdowns are underdeveloped countries, of which Nigeria is a notorious 3rd world country. The Lockdown has birthed social movements like Lagos unrest, Agege unrest, and the likes. Both of the former are hashtags on Twitter used to ‘report’ violent theft, and other criminal activities going on in different parts of Lagos and outside Lagos. The premise of these robberies and robbers is that because of the lockdown, there is no food and there is also no money; as the government did not provide relief materials. 
For this reason, we now have Criminals masquerading as freedom fighters, looting and robbing people of their hard-earned money and other items that were probably bought through sweat. A Twitter user shed more light when he explained in his tweet that the people been robbed have also not received any palliatives from the government, so why are you robbing them? 

Security operatives are largely unreachable, so people have taken their protection into their own hands and are been roped into joining vigilante groups whose entrance requirement is a machete, a bottle, a pistol, or just simply the will to protect oneself. We all know that with vigilante groups comes jungle justice, and with jungle, justice comes an unlawful load of judges, jurors, and executioners? 

In my opinion, criminal or not; this is probably the first wave of the uprising. The have-not taking from the haves, until they indiscriminately start taking from everyone, even themselves. Are we going to wait until we have a large scale insurgence on our hands? Ayobo is having a tough one, Agege is having a tough one, Egbeda is having a tough one and Ogun state is having a tough one. As of now, it can still be nipped in the bud; these are just petty thieves hiding under the guise of isolation, lockdown, and relief materials. Stay safe, God be with us all. Peace and love 

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