Are we the problem?

     Good afternoon everyone, ‘Eku corona o’. I pray you’ve all been well and are keeping safe. We can, and will get through this only by sticking with each other and practicing social distancing (i understand how much of a juxtaposition this is), but you get my drift. Now that we’re all gradually been forced to sit at home, I’ve been pondering on something, and I thought I’d share. By a show of hands (or not), who remembers 5-7 years ago when the biggest problem on the world’s plate was Global warming? 
It was all every country could talk about, and even we here in Nigeria were not exempted from that conversation. One of the root causes of Global warming was identified as over population, others include the likes of pollution e.t.c. The earth’s resources were being depleted at an alarming rate, coast lines were receding and climate conditions became largely unpredictable. America (with the help of NASA) and a couple of other countries, took it upon themselves to explore other avenues aimed at population control i.e. NASA’s space flights and checks to see if other planets were inhabitable, and if mars had breathable air that could sustain life bla bla bla. 

Clear waters at last
Human beings have wronged earth, we have offended mother-nature; treated her poorly and are about to be kicked out of the planet we call home. As opposed to one crazy geostorm as you might have expected, in comes Corona Virus. A virus that attacks the immune system, a population leveller moving from country to country, continent to continent doing exactly the same job a geostorm would have done-but with not as much aggression. Is the earth righting the wrongs we created? 
Hey fishy fishy
 I was reading some news articles from around the world and found out that the waters in Venice, Italy have never been clearer in the past 60years. So clear you can even see the school of fish, coupled with wild spreading rumors of dolphin sightings. Also, there have been reports of air pollution decreasing in places like China and Italy due to the shutdown of industrial turbines and machines that emit these harmful gasses. I’m willing to bet any amount of money that generally, pollution has reduced all around  the world; as companies and factories are shutting down.  A great many wonders are been recorded in different places due to this development, and it just might get better. Although, the number of fatalities are incredibly alarming and saddening, we shouldn’t take these new developments with a pinch of salt. We should strive to do better, build a cleaner and more sustainable world; and hope for the best. Peace and Love.

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