Ona Kan O Woja.

For Deenma,
“Ona kan o woja” is a Yoruba phrase that literally means ‘one way doesn’t enter the market’.  When you break it down and redefine it, it simply means: there are numerous ways into the market- not just one. Life has never been a one-way thing or a one size fits all thing. If one route doesn’t work, explore another. At any given time, there are always like 3 different ways by which you can achieve something. I really hate one-trick ponies or people that have a set mentality i.e. it’s supposed to be done this way. Okay, but why can’t it go this way? If you’re not certain that success cannot be achieved that way, I strongly feel considering that route should be an option. 

Get it done, by any means necessary. I can’t remember exactly who said it, but the end justifies the means. If you’ve been stuck at one thing for so long without achieving the desired outcome, try something else. I know someone whose way of life halted abruptly because his/her car was no longer working properly. Places he/she would visit before, they couldn’t go anymore because there was no car to move them from point A to B. Options like entering the bus were not even on the table. Sincerely, I understand how it is, and for this reason, I will not judge them. At some point in my life, I too used to feel the exact same way.  
For starters, Nigerian buses are in a terrible state, and mentally you might see it as demotion when you go from driving around in a car to entering a bus. My thing now is, what if you have a life and death situation at hand- you can’t use your car and the only thing available is a bus, what would you do then? I grew up in a very topsy turvy financial life i.e. sometimes things were up and at other times things were down. We had different cars over the years, but at other times we just had to enter the bus. So I have this trick that was taught to me: if you’re too embarrassed to be seen coming out of a bus, just highlight a couple of houses from where you’re going and walk-in. Pride still intact, no one saw you coming out of the bus. 
The bus instance is just a segue, but the real deal is ‘always be open to trying other options’. Nothing is set in stone. Growing up, I hated reading biographies; they were uber annoying. Especially when you’re reading the biography of a successful person and people expect you to follow exactly in their ways. Even if you do what they do, what is the guarantee that you will achieve the exact same thing in the exact same way? Wouldn’t it be best to take pointers from them instead? No two destinies are the same, so why you think you will read a biography, do as the person did, and achieve the same level of success is beyond me. His way is not your way and your way is not his way. What worked for him might not work for you and vice versa. Explore other options; open yourself up to more possibilities. In that unexpected turn that looks the least favorable, things just might change. Peace and love. 

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