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      Never tie your happiness to anything. The dictionary defines fulfillment as the achievement of something desired or promised, or the meeting of a condition or requirement. Going by this definition, we can all deduce that it’s a temporary emotion. Obviously, fulfillment is not a constant. Upon attaining a set goal: you are most likely going to lose steam as you already feel fulfilled in the fact that you achieved that goal. So it would be silly to tie your ‘long-lasting’ happiness to something or say ‘my happiness is defined by x and y. I made that mistake once Read here.

When you do that even after you achieve that goal, you still won’t attain that long-lasting happiness: as your mind would be fixated on the next best thing. As humans, it’s easy for us to subconsciously fall into competition with other people, but let’s try to refrain from that. The only person you should be in competition with is yourself. Look at yourself from yesterday, and try to improve on that person. We human beings tend to look at other people, and use them as yardsticks to judge ourselves- yardsticks for progress and success. Even if you don’t use them as a yardstick, they shouldn’t be a benchmark either. They can be a reference, motivation even, but not a benchmark. The minute you start comparing yourself to other people is the minute you will never truly be happy. The minute you tie your happiness to something is also the minute you’ll never be happy. 
What if that thing doesn’t happen, then what?  Will you mope around, continually feeling dejected and throwing pity parties for yourself? Don’t let anything mundane affect you so much it ends up ruining your mood and determining your mind frame for the rest of the day, month, or even the whole year. Be in your own lane. Use yourself as a yardstick and benchmark, because when you compete with other people, you will never get satisfied hence the beginning of a never-ending search. Peace and Love.
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