Get off your high horse and realize you’ve been just as bad a friend to other people as they’ve been to you. More often than not, we tend to see the fault in others and put the blame on them when in reality; we’re just as bad as they are. Your friend’s don’t check up on you, when last did you check up on them? They don’t support your business? When was the last time you supported their business endeavors? The smallest things go a long way, so you have no idea how big your small gesture would look in the eye of someone who really needs it. A retweet here and there literally never hurt anybody. To a lot of small business owners and other people just starting up, 1 retweet can go a long way in improving business or boosting someone’s morale.  

That notion of ‘if someone doesn’t reach out to you, cut them off’ is very odd. Whoever came up with that load of crap? I’m not saying continue following someone around like a dog on a leash, but you being nice or extending a hand of friendship shouldn’t depend on ‘if other people are nice to you’. Me calling my friend when he doesn’t call me doesn’t take anything away from the friendship or give to it in any way, shape, or form. Before you decide to cut someone off, you should be more aware of the person’s attitude toward you when you reach out to them. Is it standoffish? Do they respond to you some time of way that makes you feel uncomfortable? Do they condescend you? These should be the warning signs not ‘How many times has he called me or visited me’ or ‘if I constantly keep reaching out it will seem one-sided like I don’t have things to do’. Are you 5? Everyone has something to do. 
If you can reach out, reach out. If you can’t, keep it moving. Ironically, you might be feeling your friend is terrible, but in the actual sense, your friend may just be reacting a type of way because, at some point, your energy was all off to him/her. ‘I’m cutting off all bad friend and bad energy this new year yen yen yen’, who told you you’re not the bad energy and bad friend? Besides, you don’t even know what anyone is going through in their private space, so you can’t use that as a determinant as to whether they’re a good or bad friend. I have a friend whom I didn’t hear from for quite some time and was a bit aloof to our friendship, and another friend had noticed the same thing too. As opposed to thinking ‘my friend is bla bla bla’ i kept an open mind as I always do. 
When I and said friend got talking later, I got to know he had been having some personal problems with work and also had to deal with some financial family burden #Truestory. Don’t put yourself in a position to presume anything. If your relationship or friendship with someone has gone down the drain or is going down the drain, examine and work on you. You just might be the problem. Peace and love 
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  1. Well said but it goes two ways I have a friend yeah I keep checking up on her every time and she never does to me,I took thought to myself and said let me her leave her maybe I'm disturbing her.
    Lol recently she messaged saying been a long time she says she has been a bad friend etc not checking on me that I used to always she never did,See yeah people know what they are doing honestly😂

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