The Nigerian government has been making a lot of questionable decisions lately. First off, there was the decision to allow Chinese people that went for the Chinese New Year back into the country following the threat of Coronavirus. Wouldn’t it have been more sensible to just suspend flights to and from China? The WHO last week certified it as a global threat and taking into consideration the number of Chinese people in Nigeria, I would say we’re at risk. The Chinese new year obviously didn’t usher in good tidings: because just weeks after the Corona outbreak, the Lassa fever outbreak was recorded in yet another province. Last last, they go dey alright.

Also, the ban on Okada and keke Napep’s has been something of a discussion point for everybody. I’ve never seen so much queue at the bus stop in my life. I’ve never seen so many people trekking together, and the traffic levels were on such a long thing. On Saturday when the ban took effect, I didn’t really feel it because I drove all day and had no cause to enter public transport. But later when I had to go to a cousin’s place (which is a keke ride away), I stopped cold when I realized I would have to walk because no keke anymore. I stayed back, but other people can’t afford the luxury of not going to where they need to go.
As I always say, when you fail to cater to adverse outcomes- the premise of your decision (no matter how good) would be lost on people. Did the govt consider alternatives to transport before they took away keke and okada? Did they consider creating an alternate scheme or source of income for the people they just relieved of their jobs? Did they consider that unruly bus drivers would use this opportunity to inflate fares? Did they consider that pouring people out into the streets defeats their purpose of a cleaner Lagos? We’ve been hearing rumors of the govt rolling out buses that would act as alternatives to Okada and keke. Shouldn’t these buses have been rolled out? This is 2 weeks well into the ban, and nothing yet.
If indeed provisions were made, alternatives should have been rolled out within 48 hours of the ban. Now we’re hearing that the alternative buses are BRT buses. 1 BRT bus takes up the space of 2 kekes or 4 okadas, so how does this de-congest anything? There are routes that are too narrow for BRT buses, and there are other routes they can’t even go altogether. FG “na wa o”. At least they increased “allowee” to 33k. Peace and Love.  
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