All is Vanity

      This life is nothing but vanity. Anyone that knows me knows that I’m not one to jump on trends or jump on hype. But for the past couple of days, I’ve been seeing this name definition thing online and wondering what it’s all about. It’s simple, how it works is: you type your name into an app, and the app would define you.  The anxiety to find out what it would say about me was quickly building and I needed to find out. I was intrigued about it, it was everywhere: Instagram, WhatsApp, and other Social networking sites. 

I had no intention of posting the results online (okay, maybe I did), I really just wanted to find out what it would say. So I called up a friend who had hers on her WhatsApp status update and asked how it was done. Was there an app or a link? She proceeded to tell me it wasn’t an app. It was just The ‘Urban dictionary’. I was like the urban dictionary “lasan lasan”? I knew the urban dictionary, I had used it well. So I didn’t even let her finish before I went straight to the urban dictionary and typed in my name, very hopeful for the outcome.
 I started with my most popular name which is Oye, and this is the crass rubbish that came out.

What is this?

I was shocked, I was alarmed, I was amazed. Then I tried Oyecoker because why not, and the result was even worse.

How is this happening?

So I was like you know what, Oye is a short form. let me type my real name- so I typed Soroye and I regretted it instantly.

My sweet sweet Soroye

Please what have I done to deserve this? See ehn, I just want to tell you people that are finding your names up and down that this life is vanity. It does not mean anything. Because my name wasn’t there doesn’t mean I won’t enter heaven (wiping tears), it just means that I’m special, and my name is not commonplace 😛😂

This is actually where I intended to end the post, but as I was typing: something came to me. People are so happy to post their results when urban dictionary says they’re strong, beautiful or handsome. No one would post results if the app said they were foolish, selfish or something derogatory. On social media and in life generally, people just want you to see the good parts alone. No one is going to post their flaws for everyone to see, at least most people won’t.  They would like to give the perception of being gracious and larger than life. Never believe it or allow what you see get you twisted. We’re all just trying to live our best lives. Everyone has up and downs, but they won’t show you that part. Don’t let pictures or someone’s portrayal of themselves determine your reality. The goal is to be happy in real life, not just on socials. Peace and love.
PS: I typed my other names in urban dictionary, and I’m a badass
Sylvester for the galdem
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