Others over self

    It’s easy to think everyone is suffering in Nigeria until you’re privy to the day to day lives of some people. Taking sensibility into account, it’s never right to generalise- but you can’t blame me for doing so every once in a while, I’m only human. Everything is not as it seems, even the middle class that are theoretically in-between and run the risk of losing everything with one wrong move aren’t doing as bad as you may think. I can’t remember who told me, when it was said or what context it was said in, but we tend to think something that applies to us applies to everyone else. Let me explain, a man that cheats on his wife is bound to think other men cheat on their wives too, or someone that is secretly into gay porn would be convinced everyone else is also into it as well. 
Do you know the alarming rate at which iPhones have flooded the market; I always wonder where people get them from? Most especially when I see a very scruffy and unkempt looking person with an expensive iphone or android for that matter, I’m shocked. How did they get it- did they rob someone or did they save up? If they did save up, why didn’t they do the same to get themselves some new clothes or a bar of soap? Moving away a bit, I recently read somewhere that there are 819 billionaires in China to which I didn’t believe that source. And because the number was so daunting, I had to conduct a Google search, only for it to reveal the exact same thing. Do you know how mad that number is? China is such a forward thinking country; they have their hands in almost everything. 
Let’s take the iPhone for example, although it’s designed in California where Apple is, the manufacturing of each phone is made possible by acquiring components from different countries. For some reason, I was reading through a manufacturer list of sorts, and I could see different components supplied by different countries, but one country that remained a constant for everything was China. Battery production, Audio chips, Accelerometer and the likes all had something to do with China. Considering they don’t even rate iPhones highly in the east, its super crazy. They make and use their own products. I was watching a documentary on China a couple of years back, and I saw that they had their own version of almost everything they have in the west even the Maybach, and I laughed: but I’m not laughing now. To think they were once considered third world with a growing economy almost seems like an insult. How did they make all this change possible? Knowledge.  
On a large scale, they sent students, scientists and artisans to the west to learn and eventually bring back all what they learnt to implement at home, and see how well it paid off. They found a way of breaking away from the utter dependency of the west and creating a market for themselves that now attracts even outsiders. It’s amazing that our politicians have so much contact with them, but never learn anything. It’s almost like they actually don’t want Nigeria to change. But you also can’t totally discard Nigerians yet, I’ve seen some nice inventions that just need government or private investment to move forward. So to some extent, Nigerians are thinking. We are still largely dependent, and it confuses me why we can’t just stand on our own two feet. I’m a fan of things made in Nigeria, but it so disappointing when you see a pair of fine trainers that are a knock off of a popular brand. Why can’t we put our own spin on it and sell it. I once saw a beautiful Adidas jumpsuit with 4 stripes, why? The jumpsuit was gorgeous, and Adidas does not have monopoly on any particular jumpsuit design, so why didn’t they just make the suit and call it something else, why fake Adidas? We obviously don’t have 819 billionaires in the country, but I believe all we need are a few good men that are ready to put the country before themselves, and we would be on our way. Peace and love