The End

    With the latest public suicide that bled the Nigerian social media scene dry, you come to terms with the fact that everything is not as it seems; a lot of people are going through so much in silence. Because Nigeria and Nigerians by extension have adopted this all-time happy persona, doesn’t mean we don’t have our fair share of problems. As the expression goes, in a room full of people, the person with the brightest smile is probably dying or dead on the inside. 
On the outside looking in, who would have thought that a Doctor with a clean Mitsubishi Jeep, private practice and a seemingly perfect life would ever have any cause to commit suicide? His death just jolted us back to reality and reminded us of the saying’ all that glitters is not gold’. To be honest, you can liken Nigerians to rape victims, who instead of reporting their abuse or misfortune would rather suffer in silence out of fear of reproach ‘what will people say?’ We need to break free, talk to someone, cry every now and then, unburden ourselves whenever and however we can. 
Too many people are depressed, mentally unstable or vegetables on the inside. No problem should have the edge over you. Do not care what people say; people will always say, it is their job to say but it is your job to not care. There is nothing new under the sun, problems have existed since time immemorial. The truth of the matter is, all this is easier said than done. There are so many problems we are facing as a people and as human beings, it’s easy to think to yourself there is no way out. But there is a way out, there is always a way out. You never have to be alone, suicide hotlines have been setup with respectable bodies urging people to call them, but from one struggling human being to another, I know it’s easy to let go or to want to make it stop, but it’s not worth it. 
Think of the hurt your loved ones would feel, and the unnecessary pain your actions would force them to endure. Why is a Rugby line up almost impenetrable? Because they hold each other’s hands. Don’t give up, help is out there, I know it is. Stay up, Peace and Love.